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  • Did you know that Park has a gorgeous, glass-encased private dining room that fits up to 12 guests? It's perfect ...View on Facebook

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Park Restaurant

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  • This is one of my top three restaurants in Honolulu! My friend took me here for my birthday and I hadn't even heard of Park. She always has exquisite taste... Read more From Diane K.
  • Please explain again to me how a restaurant with swanky decor and $20 plates should ever play America's top 40 radio station in their dining room... ever?... Read more From Colleen J.
  • エグゼクテイブシェフに日本人を迎えて再出発したパークレストランは、大人のレストラン! そして味も日本人にはなじみのある、好きになる味ですね。 少し味は濃いメカと思ったけど、ここはハワイ。十分おいしいですよ! 大人のデートを楽しみたい方にはぴったり。私も主人と行きたい!! 価格は、以前よりもリーズナブルですが、そ... Read more From シノグ S.